Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/20/2023 - 6:30 PM
Category: Service Contracts/Licensing/Purchasing
Type: Action
Subject: 2.4 Change Orders for the Fire Main / Domestic Water Main replacements at Turner High School
Strategic Plans:
2020-2025 OPERATIONS
In TUSD 202, we will strive to elevate the educational environment through improved facilities, services, and infrastructure resulting in tangible and measurable outcomes.
File Attachment:
Fire Main - Water Main C-O.pdf
Summary: This is being brought to the Board of Education as the total of the two change orders are $24,252.03 exceeding the $20,000 threshold for purchasing as referenced in TUSD 202 Board Policy. These change orders will add value to the project and are aligned with the original intent of the project. The first change order is to replace all of the fire hydrants with new (adding the 3 remaining from original design) a majority of the hydrants were KCMO hydrants and were advised to be replaced by the local fire department. The first change order also adds a 8" isolation valve for the line that loops around to the hydrants in front of the building; allowing us to get the water back on to the building much faster and allowing us to isolate the front hydrants if there is a need in the future.
The second change order is due to the piping not being routed as originally designed, not accepting the change would cause us not to replace the pipes within 5' of the building and could cause more work in the future. Important to note on change order #2, this was originally proposed as an $18,000 change. After negotiating there was not much additional labor, or material, but agreeing there was additional concrete work, the change order was reduced to the value of $7,635.21 which is much more reasonable and fair. It is proposed and recommended to accept both change orders to maintain the integrity of the project.
The total value of the project previously approved by the TUSD Board of Education was $557,574.00.
Funding: Funding would be allocated from the 2019 Bond Referendum to align with the main scope of the project as approved in the 2022-23 CIP.
Recommendation: Motion to approve the change orders offered by SDI for the unforeseen and additional scopes of work at Turner High School for the water-fire main replacements.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Chris Crockett - Supervisor of Maintenance/Grounds
Signed By:
Dr. Jason Dandoy - Superintendent